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Register for Garden Waste collections in 2024

An stylised graphic with the text 'SIGN UP FOR GARDEN WASTE COLLECTIONS' left aligned at the top of the page, with green leaves of different shades on at the bottom

Registration for garden waste collections in 2024 are now open.

Like last year, there will be a charge for the service, which runs fortnightly between April and November.

Collections will cost £42 for residents who sign up in the discounted early bird period, which ends at midnight on Sunday 11 February. For residents signing up after this date, the cost will be £52.  

You can sign up now at

Councillor Tom Briars-Delve, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Climate Change, said: “The first year of paid-for garden waste collections was a great success.

“Not only did we run a far more efficient collections, we were able to appropriately staff it allowing us to operate a service that has become trusted by residents.

“I hope that residents who used the service will continue to do so and those who opted out might decide it’s time to sign up.”

I didn't pay for the service in 2023 year but I want it in 2024

Great! All you have to do is log onto the Council website and fill in the form. If you already have a bin you can use that, otherwise you can have a new one delivered with no additional charge.

I used the service last year, but I didn't have enough waste to warrant the charge

No problem. If you'd like to have your bin picked up, or you'd like to drop it off, head to

Whatever garden waste you do have can still be disposed of at our Household Waste Recycling Centres

Why isn't this a free service?

Garden waste collections are not a statutory service, which means the Council aren't legally obliged to provide it in the same way they do waste and recycling rounds. Charging for this service helps to ensure resilience and greater reliability of all types of waste collection and brings Plymouth into line with the majority of local authorities nationally.

I have assisted collections. What should I do?

Residents who already have assisted collections for waste and recycling will automatically receive assisted collections for garden waste when they sign up.

This all sound great, sign me up!

Just head over to, fill in the form and pay your subscription. Remember to do it before midnight on Sunday 11 February to benefit from the early bird price.