Have your say on the future of Manadon Roundabout

A consultation on potential improvements to Manadon roundabout is now open. 

The roundabout, which serves as an interchange for the A38 from Cornwall and East Devon and the A386 from North Devon, is one of the busiest junctions on Plymouth's road network with over 60,000 journeys passing through each day. 

Not only is it on part of a major public transport corridor with over 30 buses passing through every hour, it also has a popular school nearby and forms a key route to Derriford Hospital. 

As a result, the roundabout experiences significant congestion at peak times on each of the signalised arms with traffic often queuing back onto the A38.

With the predicted growth of the city and the need to support additional housing promised by the Council’s Plan for Homes, transport infrastructure like that at Manadon, will need to be addressed. 

The Council are now investigating ways to improve this main corridor between northern and central Plymouth and are inviting public opinion to inform the design. 

The scheme objectives are road safety, reducing congestion, improving air quality and upgrading current walking and cycling links to encourage sustainable transport. 

Although there is not yet a design, potential improvements, including widening the entries and exits of the roundabout, adding extra capacity on Tavistock Road and adding a cycle lane to the fly-over, are being considered.  

Now, motorists, neighbouring residents, pedestrians and cyclists are all being invited to participate in the consultation so that a full spectrum of users of the roundabout have a chance to provide a view.

Councillor Mark Coker, Cabinet member for Strategic Planning and Transport, said: "Manadon Roundabout is absolutely key to our road network and so it is essential that it works as it should.

“Of course, we already know some of the issues this roundabout has. But this consultation is a chance for people who live nearby or drive this road every day to tell us where they think the problems are so we can eventually bring forward a design that will see an improvement for everyone."

With COVID-19 putting pay to events and face-to-face discussions, the initial consultation will take place online at www.plymouth.gov.uk/a38manadoninterchange

The survey opened on Monday 16 November 2020 and will close on Monday 4 January 2021. Findings will be published online in the new year.