Council to help most vulnerable

The Council is answering the call to help extremely vulnerable people across the city.

Following yesterday's Government briefing, local authorities will be helping to distribute much needed food and medical supplies as well as providing much needed emotional and social support to people who most need it in the community.

It is all to help the most vulnerable who have been told by government that they must stay at home for the next 12 weeks.

Many of these people will already have great support networks, be that friends, families or neighbour. Sadly, though, some won't and this is where the Council will step in.

To support these people, the Council is already working with partners, including the Voluntary and Community Sector to develop a comprehensive Local Support Network.

This network will be able to respond to people’s enquiries and provide a range of practical and emotional support.

We are aiming to launch this later this week and further details will be made available shortly.

Councillor Tudor Evans OBE, Leader of Plymouth City Council, said: "It is our job to keep people safe and this service will do exactly that.

"I said the other day that sometimes, a crisis can bring out the best in people and their cities. We've been inundated with people offering help and as soon as we can get out in the community, we will."