Good Neighbours in focus: Argyle Community Trust

The Argyle Community Trust have swapped bibs, balls and cones for food, medicine and supplies during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Trust are the official charity for Plymouth Argyle and use the prestige of football and the reach of the club to inspire, engage and help people of all ages, achieve their full potential.

Since the pandemic began, many of the Trust’s staff have been helping to ensure that the Argyle community, and in particular elderly season ticket holders, are being looked after.

“At the beginning of the crisis, we were in contact with over 1,200 people on a weekly basis,” explains CEO Mark Lovell.

“Some people just wanted a chat but others were given mental and physical health through encouragement, advice and tips whilst isolating.

“It’s obviously very difficult to do a coaching session online but actually, football is only a bit of what we normally do.

“We’ve managed to deliver activities including primary school activities, challenges and virtual activities such as fitness classes, quizzes and chat mornings to ensure people can stay connected with the trust and other people during this period.”

Now, though, the Trust have offered their expertise and man power to the Plymouth Good Neighbours Scheme so that they can continue their good work on a wider basis.

“We are delighted to support those in real need,” Mark continued. “It is crucially important that Trust plays its part to help people through this period.

“Joining the Good Neighbours scheme means that we can use our resources to the maximum potential and begin to help people outside of our network.

“We’ve done several medicine and food runs for people who are self-isolating and our staff have really enjoyed the challenge.”