Heartwarming news for Plymouth Music Zone!


Plymouth Music Zone is getting some big love today, Valentine’s Day, with news it has won the ‘Best Arts Initiative’ in the Hearts for the Arts Awards.

Plymouth City Council’s Plymouth Music Zone uses the power of music to help transform the lives of some of our most vulnerable children, young people and adults. The judges described it as ‘a powerful example of arts, social care, health and enterprise working together to make a meaningful difference to lives.’

The Council works closely with them and has invested in projects such as a stunning multi-sensory room and commissions them for music-making workshops for children with complex disabilities, and special educational needs and their families.

A panel of high-profile figures in the arts and sciences judged the awards which aims to recognise the country’s unsung heroes of local authorities who champion the arts, often within a climate of severe financial challenges.

Gary Kemp, actor, musician and found of Spandau Ballet and singer said: “PMZ has a very focused determination to help disadvantaged children, young people and vulnerable adults in the community of Plymouth through music.”

Julie Hesmondhalgh - better known as Hayley from Coronation Street said: “What a wonderful enterprise. The impact on PMZ’s users is plain to see from the figures and the testimonials, and the Beyond Words evaluation truly groundbreaking and innovative. Long may this fantastic organisation grow and thrive.”

Actor Sam West, who described the project as hugely impressive and added it ‘answers a local and a human need – to emerge into and engage with the world - through the universal power of music!”

Cabinet Member for Children and Young People Councillor Jon Taylor said: “We are beyond happy. This is an incredibly special project that brings pure simple joy and to have it nationally recognised is just brilliant news for Plymouth Music Zone, brilliant for the Council and for all the families who use this incredible project.”

Plymouth Music Zone’s Chief Executive, Debbie Geraghty added: “Huge thanks to the Hearts For The Arts judges for such amazing comments recognising the true impact of this work in Plymouth. It’s worth showing some love to Plymouth City Council and all those funders and supporters who really understand the key importance of investing in local community music projects like this. We’re so passionate about using music as a powerful way of bringing people together to create something that feels genuinely kind and inspiring – and to find a sense of community where people genuinely care about everyone else. 

"I love the fact this award has so much ‘heart'. Plymouth proves music can play a vital part in the bigger picture of a city in very wholehearted and meaningful ways. In ways that create that all important sense of belonging we all need and deserve. Thank you for showing such strong support for that.” 

For more information on this project visit:https://forthearts.org.uk/hfta-2020-best-artsinitiative- winner-plymouth-music-zone