Plymotion secures another £500k

We have secured another £500,000 from the Department for Transport’s Access Fund to continue our successful Plymotion travel programme.

Plymotion aims to make it easier for people to get around Plymouth by bike, on foot and by bus. It offers incentives to try greener, cheaper and healthier ways of getting from A to B, including the opportunity to speak to a travel advisor about all the options available for the regular journeys they make.

Travel advisors provide information on different modes such as walking, cycling, car sharing and public transport. They help people find the cheapest, quickest or healthiest options for all journeys, especially to and from work. They have an absolute focus on people, providing the most suitable advice for their transport needs.

Councillor Mark Coker, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Infrastructure said “I’m really pleased the Department for Transport recognises the value of the Plymotion programme and has awarded the scheme a further £500,000.

“In 2019 our Plymotion team were highly commended at the Transport Planning Society People’s Award, where judges look for projects that involve people in the planning and improve access to services, quality of life and well-being. It’s therefore great news that Plymotion can continue for another year.

“As a Council we are committed to tackling climate change and becoming carbon neutral by 2030. At the heart of our action plan is a recognition of the need to tackle transport emissions. Providing realistic transport choices is a key part of our strategy. Through encouraging and enabling more trips using sustainable transport, through Plymotion, we’re helping the city go green.

“Our 2018/19 programme saw a 15 per cent decrease in driving a car to work, a 13 per cent increase in cycling and a 22 per cent increase in bus use amongst people who had spoken to a Plymotion travel advisor.

“I’m really proud of the team’s work and encourage residents and businesses across the city to find out how Plymotion can help them with the regular journeys they make.”

The Plymotion programme spans leisure and commuter trips, businesses and residents and includes free adult cycle training, bike maintenance checks and led rides, helping people cycle for the first time or become a regular commuter cyclist.

For businesses Plymotion can also offer cargo bike trials to allow companies to give green logistics a go and match funding to help organisations overcome obstacles to sustainable transport, as well as supported walking and cycling challenges to incentivise employees to get active.

Plymotion also works in schools, with dedicated staff helping the entire school community with their commute, also supported by sustainable travel grants and exciting competitions.

Finally, Plymotion travel advisors are on hand to offer personalised travel advice to local residents, helping them make the best choice for the local journeys they make.

The team are looking forward to helping more people walk, cycle and use public transport in the year ahead.