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Occupational Health

User set up 

The upgraded system is intuitive and does not require any third-party setup, each new referral will be created by the manager using a unique username and password.

PASSWORD:  Contact the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Assurance Team for the password 

Please refer Occupational Health Referrer access guide for guidance on completing your referral via the portal.

By enabling you to access the Medigold Occupational Health referral system, please note that:

  • You must comply at all times with the GDPR requirements
  • Each referral has a significant cost attached 

Medigold Fee Schedule

If you have read all the guidance and are still experiencing difficulties making a referral, please contact either the Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Assurance team telephone 01752 312523 (option 1) or the or telephone 01752 304444 (option 5).

If you need to contact Medigold please email This email is encrypted by default to the same standard the Council uses, so no additional security is needed when sending information.

Ill Health Retirement Applications

Ill Health Retirement Applications will now be processed by a Specialist Team at Medigold, and you will need to follow the Specialist links to make an application.

You will be asked to enter a password for each referral you make (this can be the same one for every referral to avoid having to remember multiple passwords, but must be unique to you). 

Please note you must log into the referral every 30 days to ensure continued access. You are advised to set a reminder in your outlook calendar. If access is lost it cannot be retrieved. This is for GDPR security purposes.

Medigold Ill Health portal

Ill Health Portal and supporting documents

Please ensure the following forms are completed prior to referral:

Portal Access

Medigold One Portal for new referrals from the 7 December

Ill health retirement applications from the 7 December

Live referrals made prior to 7 December, including IHR referrals

PASSWORDS:  Contact the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Assurance Team for the password 

What is Occupational Health?

Occupational health in its broadest terms relates to the prevention of work related illness and injuries, and any potential impact of health on work. There are five main activities all managers and employees should familiarise themselves with:

Pre-employment check - this is undertaken as part of the recruitment process to identify a persons fitness to undertake the role. It will identify any reasonable adjustments that may be required to give the candidate an equal opportunity to perform well in their role.

Health surveillance - a baseline assessment is undertaken as part of the recruitment process and when someone changes role. This is concerned with the affects of work on the health of individuals and is a proactive measure designed to prevent any adverse health effects. For example people using vibrating machinery, exposed to noise, chemicals, respiratory or skin irritants. Periodic health surveillance is undertaken during the course of an individual’s employment where indicated by the relevant risk assessment.

Health screening - this is concerned with the affects of employee health on their ability to work. For example, following the appropriate individual risk assessment, we make provision for DSE users to have free eye tests and we may refer for a specialist ergonomic assessment.

Statutory medicals - these are medical examinations and tests which are prescribed in relation to certain professions or circumstances. For example, mandatory medicals for drivers of commercial vehicles (HGV/PSV).

Employee Assistance Programme (Including counselling) - this is accessible to all employees and provides information and guidance on a range of health related issues, including the management of money / debt and legal advice and support. Employees can access telephone or face to face counselling via a 24 hr helpline and are issued with details at the start of their employment.

Who is our occupational health provider?

Our occupational health provider is Medigold. The Medigold Portal is the primary method of communication for:

  • Per-employment checks
  • Occupational Health Referrals
  • Health Surveillance
  • Ill-health retirement.

Pre-employment Process 

The recruiting manager identifies which job definition the vacancy fits using the Workplace hazards job definitions document below.

Job hazard definitions

The Recruitment team register the successful candidate using the Portal and the candidate is sent an email inviting them to complete a health assessment and inform the recruitment team accordingly, who will then notify the appropriate manager

New starter

All new starters should have a health, safety and wellbeing induction to ensure they are conversant with basic health and safety requirements of PCC and understand how we ‘do things around here’. There is a clear relationship between supporting someone to be safe in their role, their wellbeing and performance.

Please complete the following form and store in your new recruit's personal file

HSW Induction form

Referral Guidance 

You should discuss any occupational health referrals with your Employee Relations Specialist to ensure that a referral is the best course of action.

Please consider the value that the referral will add to your knowledge of the individual’s health and your ability to offer support and / or reasonable adjustments before making a referral.

Health Surveillance - Important Information

It is the recruiting manager's responsibility to ensure that employees receive the appropriate health surveillance associated with their job role. This applies whether a person is new or changing job roles within the organisation.

When the recruiting manager completes EMPLOY forms 1 and 2, it is important that the health surveillance aspects are completed. This will trigger 3 actions:

  1. Recruitment will ensure that the new recruits iTrent record identifies if the person is subject to regular health surveillance.
  2. The systems team will include the new recruit in their monthly update to Medigold.
  3. The employee will be invited for health surveillance appointments on a pre-determined plan, according to the type of health surveillance required.

As part of the induction process a baseline assessment should be requested from Medigold.

The Medigold Portal will provide the list of employees responsible to you who are in receipt of health surveillance. It is your responsibility to ensure this list is correct. You can check this by:

  • Reviewing and updating the hazards associated with any work activities your team members are involved in.
  • Ensuring your risk assessment register is up to date.
  • Checking the people on the health surveillance list on the portal is correct at regular intervals.

If an employee is appointed / transferred to a new role within PCC it is the new line managers responsibility to complete the Employ 2 form correctly indicating if the position requires health surveillance. When a person transfers into a new position the health surveillance indicator won’t automatically transfer to the record unless the new position has already been identified as requiring a health surveillance check.

Before making any referrals to Medigold you must have the signed, informed consent of the employee.

You need to agree with the employee the need for a referral and ensure they understand the desired outcome(s).

You need to explain who you might need to share the report with, such as your manager, an Employee Relations Specialist and/or Health, Safety and Wellbeing Specialist in order to achieve the desired outcome(s).

You need to upload the signed consent form to the Medigold Portal before Medigold is able to process the referral.

You must treat your employee’s personal information with the utmost level of confidentially and in keeping with the data protection requirements.

Medigold charges - who pays?

Medigold Fee Schedule

The Medigold Fee Schedule provides a breakdown of costs for each appointment required. This is charged to your budget.

DNA (Did not attend): if an employee does not attend their scheduled appointment without providing 24 hours notice, and without due cause, the cost of the appointment will be recouped via payroll.

Due cause includes: too sick on the day to attend the appointment (a medical certificate will be required), or a family emergency that has occurred on the same day. Every effort must be made by the employee to advise Medigold if they are unavailable to attend.

Complaints, concerns, and compliments 

If you wish to provide any feedback to Medigold about the service provided or you wish to raise a complaint about any aspect of the service you have received, please read the Medigold complaints guidance.

Please copy any communications to Medigold of this nature to for contract monitoring purposes

Forgotten Password 

User access – there is a password reset button on the front page

Manager access – please save your password somewhere secure as Medigold cannot supply a new one.