School sustainable travel grants

Plymouth City Council is inviting schools to apply for a 2017/18 Plymotion School Sustainable Travel Grant, to promote alternatives such as walking, cycling and bus travel for the journey to and from school. You can download a flyer and application form from this web page.

According to Living Streets, if we don’t reduce the proportion of children driven to school, by 2021 the national road network will need to manage 4.9 billion more peak time vehicle miles annually.

School Sustainable Travel Grants can help you deliver a bespoke scheme to increase levels of sustainable travel to and from school. This can include installing a new scooter pod for your school, developing a ‘bank’ of resources (including waterproof cycling trousers, a tag-along attachment for young siblings to ride with a parent, bike trailers and helmets) to get your children active, a covered waiting area for parents, or personalised activity trackers for the whole class. We’d also love to hear of any creative ideas you might have of what to bid for.

I am pleased to enclose with this letter a Plymotion School Sustainable Travel Grant Application Form to bid for funding for targeted and measureable initiatives that will deliver:

  • An increase in the number of pupils walking, scooting or cycling to/from school
  • Less children being driven to/from school and more using sustainable transport
  • An improved perception of sustainable transport for the school journey amongst the entire school community

 Plymotion school flyer [PDF, 251KB]

 Plymotion sustainable grant questionnaire [PDF, 419KB]