How we look after parks and greenspaces in Plymouth

Plymouth Parks Matter

Parks and greenspace are an important part of Plymouth and the local communities offering many benefits. Including spaces to relax, contemplate and enjoy nature, as well as places to play, exercise and walk your four legged friend. Public greenspaces are known to improve health and wellbeing physically and mentally and can offer a safe haven in the urban environment.

Greenspaces and parks also offer places for nature to thrive, a place for animals to call home and have huge environmental benefits including minimalizing water runoff, absorbing carbon dioxide, a big impact on climate change.

Our parks are free for everyone to enjoy and we spend a considerable amount of time keeping them clean and tidy. We work continuously throughout the year to try and ensure the city’s parks and greenspace are clean and tidy for you to enjoy. These include planting flowerbeds, maintaining foreshore and beaches, hedge cuttings, mowing, playground maintenance and much more. We work to provide a better cleaner, safer, greener environment and quality of life for the residents of Plymouth.

We look after 950 hectares of open space which equates to 40% of Plymouth. We are so lucky to have that much space to enjoy, but we need your help to look after it.


How you can help to keep them special for everyone forever.

Join one of our Friends groups or community groups to help us maintain the city’s parks and greenspaces.

Please pick up your litter and place in bins provided or take home with you as it can be dangerous to wildlife and other park users.

Why not join the army of litter pickers from Clean our Patch to help keep our parks and greenspace clean and safe for everyone.


Dog owners should pick up dog poo, bag it and place in bins provided. Bagged dog poo can now be placed in general waste bins. All owners / walkers have the reasonability to clean up after their dogs. We now have enforcers who patrol the city to help catch those who do not follow these rules.