Billacombe (Ecological SSSI)

Billacombe Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)Billacombe Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is located in the south east of Plymouth adjacent to the A379, north of Plymstock. The site consists of a gently sloping field, covering an area of 1.9 hectares.

The site was designated as a SSSI in 1989 because the site supports the nationally rare field eryngo, which is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The site is a species-rich field of neutral grassland.

Species include:

  • Yellow oat-grass
  • Red fescue
  • Common knapweed
  • Burnet saxifrage
  • Field scabious
  • Lady's bedstraw
  • Oxeye daisy
  • Wild carrot
  • Common restharrow

The site can be accessed by public transport with regular bus services along the A379 (Billacombe Road).

For more detailed information on the reasons for designation and the management of Billacombe SSSI refer to Natural England - Sites of Special Scientific Interest.