BT payphone consultation

2021 BT payphone consultation

Further to the consultation published by BT on 11 March 2021 and the subsequent consultation on the 'First Notification' from 14 May to 14 June 2021, we have now issued a 'Final Notification' which is our final decision on whether to object or agree to the removal of the payphone equipment at the 25 proposed locations across the city.

A copy of the final notification is available below:

PDF icon Final Notification [PDF, 972KB]

A copy of the first notification is below for further reference:

PDF icon First Notification [PDF, 182KB]


Past consultations

2020 BT payphone consultation

Please see below a copy of the 'First and Final Notification' documents that were part of the 2020 consultation:

PDF icon Final Notification [PDF, 78KB]

PDF icon First Notification [PDF, 64KB]