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The Plymouth Health Determinants Research Collaboration (PHDRC)


The Health Determinants Research Collaboration (HRDC) supports Council teams to find, use and develop evidence to support commissioning decisions.

How the HRDC team can help

Contact the team to discover how our researchers in residence can help you use research to enhance your commissioning decision making.

The team can help you:

  • become a research champion and learn how to support your team in sourcing and interpreting existing research
  • access bespoke training including; research methods, tools and techniques to identify and use the most relevant existing research
  • access funds available for secondment of staff to undertake research projects
  • engage with the voluntary and community sector to embed their voices in your decision making
  • get support in applying for additional funding streams for research

Find out more

Contact Anita O’Connor, the HDRC Project Officer. Email anita.o’

Health determinants

We want to understand how issues in the following areas affect the health of communities in Plymouth:

  • education
  • poverty
  • housing
  • planning
  • transport
  • employment

Our aim is to improve these areas in Plymouth through research which provides good evidence to help us support decisions around commissioning of services.

Opportunities to undertake research, ask the challenging questions and understand how issues such as education, poverty, housing, planning, transport and employment for example influence the health of the communities we serve.

Our ambition is to encourage the use of good evidence to help us understand how we might need to alter our approaches to commissioning services, and how wider determinants of health and wellbeing might be improved by doing things differently.

Programme leads

The programme is being led by

  • Dr Ruth Harrell - Director of Public Health, Plymouth City Council
  • Professor Sheena Asthana – Director, Centre for Health Technologies, University of Plymouth
  • Gary Wallace - Public Health Specialist Plymouth Public Health Team, Plymouth City Council

Find out more about the collaboration. Email:

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