Plymouth and South Devon Freeport


The Plymouth and South Devon (PASD) Freeport will harness the power of High Value Manufacturing Sectors with Marine, Defence and Space applications to deliver clean growth and provide the high-quality jobs needed for the future.













It will:

  • Create a public and private sector partnership between national and local government, industry, the Port of Plymouth and major local landowners such as Langage Energy Park Ltd.
  • Build on Plymouth’s world class Manufacturing, Marine and Defence innovation assets to support further innovation and research;
  • Attract new investment and provide supply chain opportunities across the South West Region;
  • Embed commitment to tackle climate change and Marine decarbonisation;
  • Galvanise efforts to upskill the local workforce ensuring it benefits as many people as possible.

Driving economic growth across the region and generating thousands of new jobs, the Plymouth and South Devon Freeport will provide a major uplift in public and private investment to build a more resilient, sustainable and productive economy.


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