Director of Public Health Annual Report

Each year the Director of Public Health publishes a report on their chosen topic. This year’s report, is a review of year three of the Thrive Plymouth programme. Thrive Plymouth is the Council’s 10-year programme to improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities in the city.  Each year of the campaign has a different focus. Year three (which ran from October 2016 to October 2017) focused on the localisation of the national ‘One You’ campaign within Plymouth.  One You is the national Public Health England (PHE) campaign to re-engage 40 to 60 year olds with their health.

The report makes the following recommendations for action:

  1. Our Joint Local Plan commits us to making healthy growth a priority for our city and creating environments in our city where the healthy choice is the easy choice. We should therefore plan for health impact assessment to be considered in all our developments and strategies.
  2. We should use targeted media to reach those who have not engaged with One You so far and find out what will get them engaged.
  3. We should make the most of our natural environment through low cost and fun activities that will improve health outcomes.
  4. We need to increase the low cost/free options for improving health and wellbeing within the city, making it easier for everyone to engage with activities on their doorstep.


  1. Using the health impact assessment approach to development and strategic planning allows us to identify potential avenues for added social value that are missed if health impact is only considered at the end of the process when most decisions have already been made.
  2. Public Health England has produced a wide range of well researched marketing materials. It makes sense to use these to target out population. 
  3. The green and blue spaces in the city already contribute towards improved health amongst our population.  By making access easier for those who do not have direct access we can spread these benefits through the community.
  4. A significant barrier to activity for many people is financial. By increasing the low cost/free options for physical activity/social interaction/community engagement, we will be helping those on low incomes to take advantage of the health benefits inherent.

 Director of Public Health 2018 [PDF, 6MB]

 Director of Public Health Annual Report 2017 [PDF, 15MB]

Download Public Health Annual Report 2015/16 [PDF 9.2MB]