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General Content

Livewell South West  Healthy eating Presentation [PDF, 1500KB]
Public Health England   PHE - Infection Control [PDF, 1080KB]
Church Urban Fund & Diocese of Exeter  Transforming Plymouth ppt [PDF, 1060KB]

Specific Content

Event Date Resources Links
Assisted Living 29 October 2018

 Presentation [PDF, 3712KB]

Winter Preparedness

Infection Control in Care Homes

Safer Food Better Business - Care Homes Supplement

Childminders and Nurseries 30 October 2018

Presentation [PDF, 3634KB]


Video icon PHE-How can a body fight infection? 

Video icon PHE- How can i stop germs?

Video icon PHE- How do germs spread?


Schools and nurseries infection guidance

Eatwell Guide

Safer Food Better Business - Childminders Supplement

Churches and Community 06 November 2018

 Presentation [PDF, 4868KB]

Cleaning Schedule [PDF, 173KB]

Kitchen Checklist [PDF, 780KB]

Kitchen User Guide [PDF, 1038KB]

Kitchen Hire [PDF, 154KB]

Volunteers 12 November 2018

 Presentation [PDF, 4868KB]

Volunteer home cooking guide [PDF, 688KB]