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Sign up to the Emergency Notification System

Plymouth City Council maintains an emergency notification system, which can send a text or voice call, to those who have chosen to register, in the unlikely event of an emergency.  The system would be activated in the unlikely event of an emergency at the following three sites for which we produce emergency plans:

Devonport Dockyard and Cattedown Fuel Distribution Depots

This emergency notification system can send messages to residents or local businesses that are close to the following sites

  • Devonport Dockyard
  • The Fuel Depots at Cattedown

When registering you can choose to use your mobile and/or landline number. You can also choose whether you would like to receive a text message or automated voice call for each number, and the order in which those numbers are contacted. When registering you can choose to get alerts for one or both sites

If you have any issues registering email

Updating your details

If you need to update your details such as phone number or address you can do so by logging in to your account. If you have any issues updating your details email

Defence Munitions Plymouth, Ernesettle

This is not the same alert system used for Devonport Dockyard or Cattedown Fuel Distribution Depots.

This alert system is administered by Defence Munitions Plymouth. If you have any difficulties or queries email

Plymouth City Council cannot register on your behalf.

Register or remove details

To register use the following form. You will need a mobile number when registering. Complete the form for each mobile number you want registered. You cannot register a landline number.

You can use the same form to remove a mobile number.