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Western King (Geological SSSI)

Western King Site of Special Scientific InterestThe foreshore and cliff exposures around Western King Point, Stonehouse, form a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The site exposes a complex series of grey and pink Devonian limestones, the youngest of the Plymouth Limestone Group and deposited in a reef environment. Some of the earliest studies of British fossil corals of Devonian age were carried out at the site. It is likely that dissolution and subsequent infilling occurred because of reef subsidence, leading to a deposition of red shales, and later the thick sequence of purple green shales which succeeded the Plymouth Limestone Group.

Any fossils found at the site must not be collected but left for others to study.

There are no major hazards at the site, but care must be taken around the coast and hard hats worn around the cliff face. Access is unlimited by the public amenity area immediately above the cliffs.

The site can be accessed by public transport with regular bus services from Plymouth (Royal Parade) to Edgecumbe Street and from here the site can be accessed on foot from Durnford Street. Vehicle access may be possible from St George Street to the north of the site. Roadside parking is available and there is a car park next to the eastern end of the site.

For more detailed information on the reasons for designation and the management refer to Natural England - Sites of Special Scientific Interest.