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A who's who of net zero

07 February 2024

Businesses and organisations across Plymouth are being invited to share their climate credentials with a fast-growing online community.

Climate Connections is an online hub centred around all things climate in Plymouth. It is designed to be a common point of reference for the city's net zero mission and a place where everyone can share knowledge, activities and experiences around their net zero journey.

The new section – Who's Who – will give organisations and businesses a space to show and share their progress on the road to a more climate-friendly future.

Community groups, charities, social enterprises, institutions, schools are all encouraged to join.

Councillor Tom Briars-Delve, Cabinet member for the Environment and Climate Change, said: "I'm really pleased to see Climate Connections expanding and a solid network of like-minded individuals and organisations begin to come together.

"As a Council we have ambitious targets to meet on our road to net zero but the simple fact is we can't do it alone. We have to bring the rest of the city with us and that's what Climate Connections is all about."

The initiative will be launched later today at the meeting of the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce.

By joining the climate community, organisations can benefit from:

  • Promoting all the good things their organisation is doing in this space
  • Seeing what other organisations across the city (and in their sector) are doing
  • Learning insider tips and pitfalls to avoid
  • Finding solutions to net zero challenges
  • Access to inspiration from plans, policies and resources

Organisations that offer products or services that help other organisations to get to net zero are also invited to participate and share what they can offer and how they can help. 

Eventually Climate Connections will become a place where residents and individuals can see at a glace where the city's employers, suppliers, educators, charities and more are on their journey towards net zero.

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