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Would you like to make a real difference to families in our community?

16 September 2022
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As a member of our community, would you like to become involved in an important decision making process?  We are looking for members of the public who would like to volunteer on the Independent School Appeals Panel. The panel is an independent, voluntary body that has a statutory duty to hear school appeal cases impartially.

The panel considers the decision of not admitting a child into a school. They look at evidence presented by schools and parents and decide whether the individual circumstances merit overturning the decision of the admission authority.

We are looking for panel members from a broad range of backgrounds. Panel members do not need to have any education connection, however the role might be of interest to parents of children in school, retired teachers, or school governors.

Appeal panels meet on weekdays, meetings can range from a few hours to all day. Most meetings take place in spring and early summer when places for children starting primary school and secondary school are allocated.

Service on the appeal panel is voluntary, however members can claim out of pocket expenses.

An informal selection process will take place before the end of 2022 and all successful candidates must attend a training event; this will take place before the appeal season starts in May 2023.

For an informal discussion about the role please contact Maddie Halifax on 01752 398127 or Tilly Turner on 01752 307463. For an application pack please email, call on 01752 398164 or write to Clerk to the School Appeals, Independent School Appeals Panel, Chief Executive Office, Plymouth City Council, Ballard House, Plymouth, PL1 3BJ.

To apply online, visit: