Young Safeguarders

We are a group of young people aged 14-19 who live in Plymouth. We support the Plymouth Safeguarding Children Partnership (PSCP) to make sure that the voices of children and young people are heard and that things like the information we read and the policies and procedures that affect our lives are fair and understandable. We meet fortnightly on a Tuesday from 4.30pm to 6.00pm at the Plymouth Guildhall.


The Participation Team have created a set of aspirations for the project. These have been shared with the group members who in turn, have created their own.

Young people’s aspirations for the group:

  1. Getting involved in a variety of work: informing the board about issues, choosing the work we prioritise and undertaking more projects that interest us.
  2. Using accessible language and making things appropriate for other children and young people.
  3. Getting involved in the recruitment of new group members by visiting youth centres, schools, cadet and girl guide groups etc.
  4. Being youth voice representatives for Plymouth and supporting creating a standardised model of youth voice in schools.
  5. Communicating and promoting important information about topics that effect young people, e.g. Knife Crime, CSE/CSA, County Lines, etc.
  6. Attending important meetings, sharing our thoughts and young people’s stories so we can influence decision makers.
  7. Inviting professional representatives to visit our group.
  8. Getting involved in and identifying training opportunities that support us, other young people and professionals in Plymouth.


Participation Team aspirations for the Young Safeguarders:

  1. To enable young people to attend, engage and/or play as full part as possible in Plymouth Safeguarding Children’s Partnership and other forums.
  2. To create an effective framework to enable the representation of the thoughts and feelings of young people (specifically those who might be considered vulnerable) to influence decisions and services that affects them.
  3. To ensure services are more young person focused in their approach and are able to communicate effectively with young people
  4. Acknowledge and utilise the expertise of young people and celebrate and value their success
  5. To ensure that young people have the opportunity to shape the agenda and discussions.
  6. To support young people to build direct relationships with and to relay the stories of children and young people to decision makers.