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Advice for those at higher risk

A small group of people fall into the category of people whose immune system means they are at higher risk of COVID-19.

People in this group, and who should follow this guidance on keeping yourself safe, have been identified in one of two ways:

1. Eligibility for a third primary dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

2. Eligibility for new treatments for COVID-19

There is quite specific and detailed guidance around who falls into these groups. If you do, you should already know through being invited for a 3rd Primary (and then a first booster) vaccine, and/ or through receiving a letter and a PCR test to help you access antivirals quickly if that became necessary.

Government guidance states that if you are in one of these two groups, we advise you to:

  • ensure you have had all of the vaccines you are eligible to receive, including your booster
  • continue to follow any condition-specific advice you may have been given by your specialist
  • work from home if you can. If you cannot work from home, speak to your employer about what temporary arrangements they can make to reduce your risk
  • wait until 14 days after another person’s most recent dose of a COVID-19 vaccine before being in close contact with them
  • avoid enclosed crowded spaces
  • practice social distancing if that feels right for you and your friends
  • ventilate your home by opening windows and doors to let fresh air in
  • ask friends and family to take a rapid lateral flow antigen test before visiting you
  • ask home visitors to wear face coverings
  • wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face

Further guidance for those at higher risk on GOV.UK.