Bird control

Any urban area is attractive to birds because they provide food, water and safe breeding sites. However, too many birds can often annoy residents and visitors. and can cause damage to buildings and structures from their droppings. Breeding sites may become overcrowded which can lead to diseases spreading among the birds. These sites often attract other pests such as rats and mice.

We do not carry out culling of birds.

The best way to control birds is to restrict their access to food by making sure all waste is contained within bins with closely fitting lids.

We provide wheelie bins to domestic properties and businesses for safe waste storage before collection.

Bird feeding advice

Many people like to attract small birds to their gardens. However, this can also attracts larger birds such as pigeons and sea gulls, which cause a nuisance. Feeding birds may affect the health of the birds and cause them injury.

If you want to feed birds in your garden:

  • only put out small amounts of food
  • use bird feeders
  • clean up any spilt food to discourage rats and mice
  • clean out bird baths and fill with fresh water regularly