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Apply for a chaperone licence

All children taking part in a performance, such as theatre, sport or modelling, must be supervised by either their parent or guardian, or a licenced chaperone. A chaperone should give the same care a parent would give and is responsible for:

  • making sure the child is safe
  • making sure the child has enough breaks and meals
  • taking action if the child is ill, upset or tired
  • considering health and safety issues

When we receive your application we'll get references from your referees, then invite you for an interview. At this time we'll fill in Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) application, as we need to check the criminal record of anyone that spends time with children. The DBS check can take up to eight weeks. Once DBS have sent you your certificate, we can issue a chaperone licence with photo ID that is valid for three years. It's your responsibility to keep your chaperone licence up to date.