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Apply for a place on an antenatal course

Having a baby is an exciting time, full of new experiences and challenges. We run a free course of antenatal classes at our Family Hubs and Children's Centres where you can learn about:

  • having a healthy baby
  • preparation for parenthood, birth and beyond
  • communicating with your bump and baby
  • changes in relationships
  • getting your baby off to the best possible start
  • how babies grow and develop

Apply for a place by contacting your local Family Hub or Children's Centre.

You can take along your partner or a friend to support you. 

Online antenatal courses

If you are unable to attend a local antenatal class in person, you may be interested in the online Solihull Approach Antenatal courses. Through the Solihull Approach, Plymouth families can access free antenatal courses which guide you through various aspects of antenatal care.

Find out more about Online Antenatal Solihull Courses on the Plymouth Online Directory.