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Ashery Woods and Warren Plantation (CWS)

Ashery Woods and Warren Plantation comprise mixed broadleaved woodland with occasional conifer trees. Buildings and ruins from the Radford Estate are located next to Radford Lake towards the east of the site. The South West Coast Path runs along the northern edge of the site.

The site is located next to the County Wildlife Sites of Hooe Lake and Radford Lake and offers fantastic views over these areas. Radford Woods (CWS), Radford Woods (LNR) and Radford Park are also located close by. Together these sites form an important network for wildlife within the city.

Radford Cave

Radford Cave is located within the site and leads to a tunnel under the limestone associated with the quarries. The entrance is gated and the cave is under the management of Devon and Cornwall Underground Council.


The site provides a valuable landscape and biodiversity resource for the area and is designated as a County Wildlife Site.

Species we've spotted include:

  • Monk's Hood (nationally scarce plant)
  • Common Broomrape (Devon notable plant)
  • Badger
  • Bats, the site supports a long-standing bat roost, with both Greater Horseshoe bats and Lesser Horseshoe bats being recorded from as early as 1958
  • A variety of waterfowl on Hooe Lake and Radford Lake

Walks and features

  • Network of paths throughout the site
  • Views over Hooe Lake and Radford Lake

Remember this is a County Wildlife Site, please be considerate to wildlife and to other users:

  • Don't pick wild flowers or plants
  • Don't disturb animals
  • Take your litter home
  • Keep dogs under control
  • Clean up after your dogs
  • No camping
  • No motorbikes
  • No fires


  • A flat concrete path runs along the eastern edge of the site and can be accessed from Mayers Way, the rest of the paths are uneven in places with some gradients

Travel and directions

  • Accessed from Mayers Way in the south, or by Kingfisher Way in the north which briefly joins the South West Coast Path and is located 1km from Plymstock Broadway
  • Cycle route runs immediately south of the site at Hooe Road
  • Accessible using public transport with bus stops along Hooe Road to the south of the County Wildlife Site
  • A small car park can be accessed from Mayers Way (additional parking in the surrounding residential area)