Garden waste

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information about garden waste


Sign up!

Over 50,000 households have already signed up to the service, which this year will see new bins replace the old green bags.

So that we can get ready for the service to start, we have suspended new sign-ups between 8 February and 5 April.

There is a £15 delivery charge. If you are applying after the 7 January 2021 we are unable to guarantee delivery before April. 


Already signed up?

If you signed up for garden waste collections before 7 January, then good news, your bin is on its way. 

When you registered, if you chose a

  • slim 140 litre bin, then you can expect delivery between 25 January and 12 February
  • standard 240 litre bin, then you can expect delivery between 15 February and 26 March.

You don't have to be at home for the delivery, but if you are, please help protect you and the delivery crew by keeping a safe distance.

Coming with the bin will be an envelope with some important information about your collections and a 2021 season sticker. The sticker needs to be stuck to the bin and numbered for your property.

Remember to keep the bin stored safely on your property, ready for the service to begin from Monday 5 April.

What is changing?

2021 will see a change from the old bag collection service to a new wheeled bin collection for garden waste.  You will get to choose from a 140 Litre or 240 Litre bin when you register this time.

The service will be "registration only" and so it is important to register to get the bin before the season starts. A season sticker will be provided to put on the bin each year you register.

If you aren't registered and don't have a new bin for your garden waste then you won't be able to get it collected.

The collection days will probably change as the routes will get updated using the registrations we receive. 

The online collection day checker will be published before April.

Not everything is changing... the service will still be fortnightly and seasonal.

The season starts on the first Monday of April and ends on the last Thursday of October - 5 April 2021 until 29 October 2021.

Bin information





140 Litre bin - holds the equivalent of 2 to 3 bags.

The measurements of the bin are:

  • Height - 106cm
  • Width - 48cm
  • Depth - 54.4cm





240 Litre bin - holds the equivalent of 4 to 5 bags.

The measurements of the bin are:

  • Height - 107cm
  • Width - 58cm
  • Depth - 74cm



Using the service

Make sure you know when your collection day is as it won't always mirror the brown and green household bins. 

Use only the bin provided by us with the season sticker marked with the property number.

Once the season starts, present your bin for collection before 6.30am on the collection day as with your other household bins (or the evening before - but not before 6.30pm).

Put the right things in the bin such as;

  • grass cuttings
  • flower, hedge and shrub trimmings
  • leaf and plant matter such as weeds
  • sticks and twigs up to 7cm in width

Outside of the season and between collections keep the garden bin on your property - off the footway or carriageway. 

Keep the bin secure from theft and vandalism.

Don't miss out on a collection

Register your property for the service as we will only collect from registered properties.

There are some reasons why we won't make a collection ...

  • the wrong bin has been used (other bins, bags or old green garden bags)
  • the bin is overfilled
  • the bin is contaminated with the wrong things

The garden waste is taken just outside of Plymouth to be composted for use in local agriculture so it's important not to contaminate it with things such as; food or animal waste, large branches, logs, sand, soil, rubble, plastics or invasive species. 

If you have too much garden waste to fit in your bin you can spread it between collections, take excess to a recycling centre or consider home composting.

If you receive assisted collections

You still need to register for the garden waste service even if you have been assessed as needing an assisted collection for your brown and green household waste.

Once you register we will need to check some information with you before confirming if a wheeled bin is suitable.