Garden waste

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information about garden waste


New registrations for garden waste close at midnight on Sunday 10 October 2021. They will open again in the New Year.

COVID disruptions to garden waste collections

The continued impacts of COVID-19 has meant that our frontline household waste collection services are being heavily impacted.  The national HGV driver shortage means there is no quick fix to making sure all our routes can be driven. As a result we are experiencing significant disruption to our staffing.  

Government guidance requires us to first prioritise the collection of our brown bins for household black-bag waste and then green bins for recycling.  Garden waste is a low priority collection service and therefore garden waste crews will be used to ensure these critical waste services are not disrupted.

This means we cannot always run our scheduled garden waste collections and we are unable to return to collect any missed garden waste bins.

If we don’t make it to you on your scheduled day, we may get there in the next day or two, however any garden waste can be taken to your nearest recycling centre for disposal or kept on your property until your next scheduled collection.

You can also help to reduce your garden waste by composting.

The garden waste collection service is seasonal, running from April to the last week of November. The collections take place fortnightly.

The routes are based on registered properties only so the collection day will not be the same as other household bin collections.