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Blagdon's Meadow (CWS)

Blagdon's MeadowBlagdon's Meadow is a 3.8 hectares site of reclaimed grassland located in the east of Plymouth between the Plym Estuary and Embankment Road. The meadow was originally formed from the dredgings from the Plym and is notable for the way that dry, damp and wet marshy grassland co-exist in such a small area. The site is owned and managed by us and is accessible to the public.

The site is designated as a County Wildlife Site because of the presence of several Devon notable plant species including:

  • Sea couch
  • Prickly lettuce
  • Bee orchid
  • Round-leaved cranesbill
  • Common broomrape
  • Autumn lady's-tresses
  • Southern marsh orchid

An interpretation board captures the view across the Laira to Saltram, highlighting the fascinating flora and fauna to be seen on and from the shores of the estuary.

The fascinating history of Blagdon's Meadow, the Laira and its shoreline is summarised nearby on a second board. If you have time, why not venture along Embankment Road and follow the cycle path to Laira Bridge where there are thirteen bronze plaques marking points of interest on the Laira heritage trail.

As well as providing a site for informal recreation the meadow has been used as an outdoor classroom and recreation centre and to host a variety of interpretive events such as walks and talks.

Various improvements to this site were made possible in 2007 through the Plymouth Single Regeneration Budget Gateway Project package. A number of new features have been added to the meadow including a natural stone Devon bank, cycle parking and a viewing area on the waterside complete with heavy-duty granite benches. A dog bin has also been installed to encourage dog walkers to use the site responsibly. At the entrance to the site three carved wooden totem poles stand welcoming visitors to the meadow.