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BT payphones

2024 BT payphone notification

On Wednesday 17 January 2024 British Telecom (BT) informed us that they propose to remove 2 public payphones within the city. BT have to inform the council of their planned removal if they are classed as ‘last at a site’ (where there is no alternative within 400m walking distance). 

BT have a set of criteria to follow when deciding to remove a payphone classed as ‘last at site.’ BT cannot remove it if it meets one or more of these criteria:

  • they do not have coverage from all four mobile network providers; or
  • they are located in an area with a high frequency of accidents or suicides; or
  • they have made 52 or more calls over the past 12 months (the equivalent of one call per week); or
  • there is other evidence of a reasonable need for the payphone at the site – for example relied upon in local emergencies such as flooding, or might be an accident hotspot.

BT placed notices in the following payphone kiosks:

Address Postcode Mobile coverage OK? Total calls (last 12 months) Less than 52 calls Helpline calls (last 12 months) Less than 12 calls or Helplines Partnership approve High frequency accident location No pattern of serious accidents in close proximity High frequency suicide location Not identified by Helplines Partnership BT Evidence of other reasonable need No other evidence
South Milton Street, Plymouth PL4 0QD Yes 36 0 0 0 0
Dudley Road, Plymouth PL7 1RX Yes 4 0 0 0 0

Plymouth City Council are not the determining authority in relation to the removal of payphones by BT, we are being notified on the proposals and forward any comments received to BT who make a final decision.

The deadline to receive comments was midnight on Thursday 16 April 2024.  No representations were made on the criteria for removal. BT have made a final decision to remove the 2 public payphones. Their decision is published on their website.

Past consultations

2021 BT payphone consultation

Further to the consultation published by BT on 11 March 2021 and the subsequent consultation on the 'First Notification' from 14 May to 14 June 2021, we have now issued a 'Final Notification' which is our final decision on whether to object or agree to the removal of the payphone equipment at the 25 proposed locations across the city.

A copy of the final notification:

Final Notification

A copy of the first notification for further reference:

First Notification

2020 BT payphone consultation

Final Notification

First Notification