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Building Resilience in Communities (BRIC) phase 2

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BRIC has been extended for another 2 years with funding from the Devon Resilience Innovation Project (DRIP). For information about Phase 1, visit our Building Resilience in Communities (BRIC) project page.

Our goals are to equip local communities at risk of flooding with the tools they need to prepare for, act during, and recover well in a flood. DRIP ‘seeks to identify a range of replicable low-cost resilience actions that can be delivered and funded by local authorities’. For more information about DRIP, visit the Devon Resilience Innovation Project.

BRIC continues to ‘address the issue of flood management from a social innovation perspective’ and is run by Plymouth City Council, working with local communities to improve flood resilience. One of our objectives is to pilot flood mitigation measures at a neighbourhood level, including encouraging the use of nature-based solutions (NBS) to help slow the flow of water. If this is successful, we can look at citywide implementation of these measures.

We are also getting out to talk to our communities - this will be initially carried out using Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a technique used to ask people about their local area and how prepared they are for flooding. For more information about Phase 1, visit the Interreg-BRIC - Building Resilience in Communities website. In addition, we will be attending regular community events and creating new activities to raise awareness and resilience to future flooding.

Project Aims

  • carrying out conversations with the community
  • hosting and attending events
  • providing information about our ‘slow the flow’ campaign
  • creating a pilot project, demonstrating the importance of localised flood mitigation and NBS
  • delivering lessons about flood preparedness and resilience via our schools programme
  • creating a network of volunteer community flood responders (CFRs)
  • distributing a quarterly community newsletter about BRIC and other local organisations

If you have any questions, please email us at or reach out to us on social media.

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