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  • Helping policymakers to identify, plan and implement mobility policies that support their long-term climate objectives

  • The FINERPOL project aims to increase the rate of refurbishment of buildings to improve their energy efficiency

  • Heat Networks or District Energy Networks can deliver carbon, energy and cost savings for both existing buildings (often 'hard to treat') and new buildings

  • This project will demonstrate reduced flooding while protecting or improving amenities, biodiversity, health and wellbeing, local economies and saving public money

  • ECO is a grant funded scheme available for eligible homeowners to install property improvements to a home’s insulation and heating, as required, to increase overall energy efficiency

  • Plymouth is participating in a European funded project called HeatNet NWE, together with project partners exploring the use of fourth generation or smart approaches to district energy (4DHC)

  • Developing heat networks across the city

  • The SunPeople project allows us to explore combining solar energy (photovoltaic and/or thermal) and heat pumps as a heating solution

  • The BRIC project will address the issue of flood management from a social innovation perspective

  • D2Grids is a European funded Interreg North West Europe project to develop and deliver low temperature heating and cooling technology solutions

  • Buildig a new heat pump energy centre at the Guildhall to supply low carbon heating to our heat network, as well as installing heat pumps at some of our other buildings

  • School streets schemes are increasing as towns, cities and local authorities work to tackle congestion, air quality and road safety issues outside schools