Caring for Plymouth

The Caring for Plymouth Support Hub – the operation to shield Plymouth’s most vulnerable residents from the coronavirus – is up and running. 

As announced by the government, all medically vulnerable people are being advised to stay in their home for the next 12 weeks to protect themselves from the spread of the coronavirus. This group of people includes some already seriously ill people as well as those living with a disability or ongoing medical conditions.

Caring for Plymouth, which is an alliance between the Council, Livewell Southwest and a large number of Voluntary and Community Sector organisations, will ensure that these people are provided with emotional support, shopping, medicine collection, support with paying bills and accessing money. Staff providing the service will have had background checks to provide added piece of mind.

In addition, the Caring for Plymouth Support Hub will support other vulnerable older and disabled people who are affected by Covid 19 and who have no-one to support them to maintain their independence.

Although many of these people will already have great support networks, be that friends, families or neighbour, sadly some won't and this is where the Caring for Plymouth Alliance will step in.

Need support or know someone that does?

Please call 01752 668000. We have specially trained staff ready and waiting to take your call.

Alternatively, click the link below for a list of the Caring for Plymouth support partners via the Plymouth Online Directory.

Caring for Plymouth services

I'm not vulnerable but I want to help

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