Get Involved

How to get involved

There are many ways you can get involved in local decision making or raise issues that are important to you and other members of the community. Below are some of the ways which you can get involved.

Contact your local Councillor

There are at least two councillors for each ward in Plymouth. You can contact your ward councillors to raise your concerns or ask for advice on Council services.

Ask questions at Council or other Committees

Members of the public can ask a question at meetings of the Council, Cabinet or Planning Committee by submitting a question of no more than 50 words in length. Email least five working days before the meeting (workings days do not include weekends or bank holidays). The question will be answered under the agenda item 'Questions from members of the public'.

Attend public meetings

Members of the public can attend any of the council's public meetings, including Council, Cabinet, Planning Committee and Scrutiny Panels. Check our calendar of meetings page for times, dates and agenda items for all our public meetings.

Refer to the Council's Constitution for further information on your rights to attend a Committee meeting.

Meetings, agendas, minutes and decisions

All public meetings of the Council have agendas published at least five working days (workings days do not include weekends or bank holidays) before the meeting. Following public meetings a clear and concise set of minutes are produced and are published. View the agendas and minutes to find out what has been discussed in any of the public meetings.

The Council publishes all delegated decisions (decisions taken by a Cabinet Member as an individual). To find out what decisions have been published visit the delegated decisions page. The Council and the Cabinet as a whole take decisions and these can be found by reading published Council minutes and Cabinet minutes.

Register to vote

Registering to vote has never been easier. Find out more on our register to vote page.