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Dealing with empty homes

There are hundreds of long-term empty properties in the city of Plymouth. It is important that properties are not allowed to remain empty:

  • Long-term empty properties are wasteful, and bringing them back into use helps reduce the housing crisis.
  • Empty properties can become targets for, fly-tipping, burglary, drug use and anti-social behaviour.
  • A neglected property can cause damage and devalue neighbouring properties.

We use a range of approaches to tackle long term empty homes, here are some of our past successes:

Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO)

We will try and work with a property owner to bring a property back into use but we can use a CPO to buy empty properties when there is no other option.

Sales service

A free service where the Council will host an open viewing of a property. The Council will invite potential buyers to view the property and submit sealed bids for the owner to consider. This service is useful when property owners are not able to cope with the challenges of selling the property they own.

Financial assistance

We offer interest-free loans of up to £50,000 per dwelling, you can request up to £150,000 per property. The loan is to help private owners renovate their empty homes. You can use the loan to convert empty non-domestic buildings to residential dwellings

Loans are also available to companies at a low rate of interest.

Email or call 01752 304235 to start your application.

Enforced sale/Order for sale

Enforced sale - allows the Council to sell the property to recover the debt and staff costs. The Council’s charge takes priority over mortgages and private debts.

Order for sale - an order obtained from the court to enable the Council to sell the empty property and recover the council tax debt and staff costs.