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Design, conservation and heritage

  • Urban design has been described as the art of making places for people. It is concerned with the arrangement, appearance and function of our suburbs, towns and cities

  • We are delighted to announce the return of the Abercrombie awards.

  • Search for a listed building, how buildings get listed, get a building listed, carry out alterations, apply for listed building consent

  • The Plymouth City Centre High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) programme – 'reinvigorating the Abercrombie Estate' is a four year programme about celebrating, enhancing and adapting the City Centre's post-war heritage and making it a more attractive, engaging and vibrant place for people to live, work and spend time.

  • Find out if you live in a conservation area, how to apply for planning permission for works in a conservation area and how to carry out works or demolition in a conservation area

  • Search for scheduled ancient monuments, apply for consent for works on a monument

  • Historic England have established a national record of historic parks and gardens which make an important contribution to our landscape heritage

  • Archaeology is the study of the past through the material remains left by our ancestors, the evidence can be buried or upstanding, deliberately constructed or the by-product of other activities

  • The Palmerston Forts, constructed to encircle Plymouth and to protect the Royal Dockyard against a landing by the French, were built during the 1860s and 1870s following a Royal Commission set up by the then Prime Minister Lord Palmerston.

  • Plymouth deserves an international reputation as one of Europe's finest maritime cities. A Vision for Plymouth requires much work and its delivery we're pleased to say has already started.