Environmental crime

Tackling environmental crime

Keeping our city clean is an important commitment for Plymouth, and we are working hard to ensure we can all enjoy our public spaces.

In December 2018, we decided to increase our in house capacity to add extra enforcement officers to the streets and open spaces of the city. These officers will be able to issue on-the-spot fixed penalty notices for the following offences:

How much do offenders have to pay?

The amount that you could be fined will depend on the nature of the offence.

Offence Fine
Dropping litter, including chewing gum, in the street or from your vehicle £100
Not clearing up your dog’s mess or keeping your dog under control in a public area £100
Fly posting £80
Fly-tipping £400

How can fines be paid?

All fines will have a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) reference number and must be paid within the time specified in the Notice.

For a fine issued by Plymouth City Council, either in person or by post. (Either a 6 digit reference number or a number starting with 'FS')

Pay a Fixed Penalty Notice issued by Plymouth City Council


If you don’t pay your fine within 14 days, you could get taken to court where you could be fined up to £2,500 for littering and £1000 for dog offences. There is no limit for fly tipping fines. You may get a criminal record.

Numbers of Issued FPNs
FPNs Littering from Vehicle Litter Dropped in street (cigarettes, food waste etc) Litter Left in street/refuse Fly tipping Dog control offenses
Jan 2019 2 - 4 5 -
Feb 2019 3 164 6 7 4
Mar 2019 6 230 15 8 3
Apr 2019 2 176 25 4 4
May 2019 3 130 21 8 0
Jun 2019 2 122 19 10 0
Jul 2019 8 248 28 26 3
Aug 2019 6 195 16 8 4
Sep 2019 2 141 6 10 2
Oct 2019 8 99 20 13 4
Nov 2019 14 222 17 23 3
Dec 2019 14 112 2 9 10
Jan 2020 3 155 12 9 24
Feb 2020 17 206 22 9 19
Mar 2020 11 204 11 5 33
Apr 2020 0 3 8 3 2
May 2020 0 2 5 6 11
Jun 2020 2 23 6 9 8
Jul 2020 1 218 7 5 55
Aug 2020 2 190 13 5 21

Frequently asked questions

If an enforcement officer sees you commit an environmental crime they will ask for your name and address so they can issue you with a Fixed Penalty Notice. If you refuse to give your details, the officer will be able to use the information they’ve recorded on their body cameras. This information is often enough to identify someone. It is an offence to withhold your name and address and you could also be charged with an obstruction offence.

The enforcement officers wear Plymouth City Council uniforms with logos on them. They also carry Plymouth City Council identification and warrant cards to identify themselves. On occasion officers will be out of uniform, however they will always carry warrant cards and identification. E.g. on dog fouling patrols.

FPNs will not be served if you are under 18.  You will be asked to show some ID to prove your age.  If you cannot show you are under 18 you will be issued with an FPN but you can write to the e-mail address below.  We will be providing education and words of advice to young people who offend.

No, the officers will be patrolling in all areas of the city, including parks and open spaces.

Seen it? Report it.

Everyone wants to be proud of Plymouth and to live in a clean and tidy city. So if you see someone commit a littering, fly tipping or dog fouling offence, you can report it to our team here.

Report an offence

I don't agree with the FPN, what can I do?

There is no legal appeal against an FPN. It is a criminal offence. You can pay the fine to discharge your liability for the offence or the case will be considered for prosecution in the Magistrates Court. You can put your case to the Magistrates Court if you do not agree with the FPN.

We will consider representations in certain circumstances and only within 14 days of the FPN being issued. We do not accept representations if you did not know enforcement was being carried out, if it was the first time you had committed the offence or that you were not aware of the law.

You will receive a response to your representation if it is made in the time limit. If the representation is accepted, the case will be closed and you will hear nothing else from us. If the representation is rejected you will have a further 7 days to pay the FPN.

The Council are pursuing cases of littering through the Magistrates Court. Convictions can lead to a fine, court costs and a criminal record, imposed by the Magistrates Court.

FPN Make a representation


 Litter poster [PDF, 401KB]

 Flyposting poster [PDF, 355KB]

 Dog mess poster [PDF, 518KB]