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Problems with a neighbouring property

If an issue related to a neighbouring property is causing you a problem, we may be able to help.

Housing association properties 

If the problem is with a housing association property, you need to speak to the housing association. You can find a list of local housing associations on the Plymouth Online Directory. 

Before you report a problem to us

Before you contact us, we recommend that you discuss the problem with your neighbour. They may not realise they are causing a problem. If you would prefer to send them a letter, you can use this template.

What you can report

We may be able to help with:

We cannot help with:

  • inert waste (chemically inactive), rubble, or waste that doesn't attract vermin
  • smells from domestic cooking
  • cigarette smoke travelling between domestic properties
  • one off bonfires (although any burning on commercial sites should be reported)
  • unsightly or untidy gardens
  • feeding birds or seagulls

What we will do

We will contact the person causing the problem. Your details will be kept confidential.

If you do not want us to contact the person then we cannot help you.