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Ernesettle Complex (CWS)

Ernesettle ComplexErnesettle Complex is located in the north west of Plymouth adjacent to the River Tamar with dramatic views. The 32.9 hectares site is privately owned and managed and isn't accessible to the public. A variety of habitats are present including grassland, scattered trees, standing/running water, woodland and marsh.

The site is designated as a County Wildlife Site because of the presence of several notable plant species including:

  • Grey club-rush
  • Broad-leaved everlasting pea
  • Autumn lady's-tresses
  • Grass vetchling
  • Twiggy mullein

Invertebrate interest include the nationally notable long-winged coneheads and great-green bush-crickets (a Devon Biodiversity Action Plan species). Some areas of the site are listed in the Ancient Woodland Inventory and eight ancient woodland indicator species have been recorded.