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Garden waste

Garden waste collections in Plymouth will become an opt-in, chargeable service from 2023.

Collections run from April to November. We collect garden waste every other week.

Your garden waste collection day may not be the same as your other collections. You can always take garden waste to our recycling centres.

Register for garden waste collections

You must have a My Plymouth Account to register for garden waste collections. If you already have an account, you will need to sign in. If you do not have an account, you will be asked to create one.

Registering for garden waste should take around 10 minutes. You will be asked:

  • for your address
  • to confirm the bin details we have for your property
  • your contact details
  • debit or credit card

Early bird period

If you register before Monday 13 February 2023:

  • each garden waste permit will cost £39 (discounted rate)
  • we will provide your permit and any bins before April 2023
  • you will be ready to use the service as soon as it starts

If you register on or after Monday 13 February 2023:

  • each garden waste permit will cost £49 (standard rate)
  • we will provide your permit and any bins within 8 weeks from the date you registered
  • you might not be ready to use the service when it begins in April 2023

Garden waste terms and conditions


After registering we will provide you with permit. These must be displayed on your garden waste containers.

The permit needs to be attached to the back of the bin underneath the bin handles. The address and permit number must be clearly readable.

We reserve the right to refuse collection if the permit:

  • does not match the property address
  • is damaged/worn in a way that makes it hard to read all the details

Don't want to register

If you don't want to register you can:

  • take your garden waste to to our recycling centres
  • compost your garden waste at home
  • return your bin (more details to follow)

Find out more about home composting

Creating the perfect compost is easy once you know how. If you'd like to know more about home composting you can find tips, advice and videos on these websites:

Contact us

If you have any problems registering for garden waste contact us.