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Historical plaques

Plaques add interest to the local built environment, and help local residents and visitors to understand the history and character of the city.

These resources are a work in progress. The priority is to record and detail the city's commemorative and historical plaques. However, the list includes some foundation or opening plaques and other markers of interest.

Commemorative plaques

Commemorative plaques highlight the city's role and influence down the ages, and the achievements of Plymothians and Plymouth residents. We (and our predecessors) have been involved with the display of commemorative plaques for over 100 years.

A commemorative plaque most commonly links a person or event with a specific place or building. It's usually separately affixed to an existing structure. These plaques are the equivalent of the famous 'blue plaque' but come in all shapes, styles and materials. The Barbican area contains a rich variety, including ceramic plaques, dating from the early 1900s, simple cast metal circular plaques, installed in the 1970s and many others.

Commemorative plaques generally highlight places, events or individuals that are considered to have made a significant contribution to society - ranging from contributions to the development of the city and the region, to national and worldwide achievement.

Historical plaques

Historical plaques and panels provide general local history information relevant to their location.

Building, foundation or opening plaques

Building, foundation or opening plaques are normally incorporated into the fabric of the building or structure they celebrate, although some have been redisplayed on the site of replacement buildings. The city is also home to a number of memorial plaques and commemorative markers.

Not all the plaques and markers in the city and listed here belong to us.

Propose a new plaque

If you would like to propose a plaque, please read the plaque proposal guidelines below to make sure the subject of your nomination is likely to qualify. There is a waiting list of proposals.

Let us know if any of the plaques listed are missing, thought to be at risk, or in urgent need of repair or refurbishment. We'd also like to know of any commemorative plaques not included here.

Email with your plaque enquiries.