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Hoe and Madeira Road (CWS)

Plymouth Hoe and Madeira RoadPlymouth Hoe and Madeira Road is located on the seafront, just a five minute walk from the city centre. The site covers 8.1 hectares and is owned and managed by us and is accessible to the public. A variety of habitats are present including, mown lawn, grassland, flowerbeds/shrubberies, cliffs, boulders/rocks and a number of buildings. The site is very popular with both tourists and locals alike and boasts breathtaking views of Plymouth Sound.

The site is designated as a County Wildlife Site because of the 119 species recorded at the site including 10 Devon notable plant species including:

  • Wild clary
  • Sea couch grass
  • Long-bracted sedge
  • Ivy broomrape
  • Knotted hedge parsley
  • Toothed medick
  • Plymouth thistle
  • Round-leaved crane's bill

For more detailed information on access and the management of Plymouth Hoe and Madeira Road County see the document below:

Management statement