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Housing regeneration

Housing regeneration is an essential part of our plans for housing and we're focussing our efforts on the following areas:

Barne Barton

An exciting period of transformation has begun for the Barne Barton area of Plymouth on the far western side of the City, overlooking the Tamar. Formerly ‘married quarters’ for the Royal Navy – a large number of flat blocks were transferred to various local Housing Associations in the 1980s. However, in more recent years these properties have outlived their useful life and are now being replaced by a better mix of new high quality homes.

Plymouth City Council’s Housing Delivery team are working closely with a number of Housing Associations with property in the Barne Barton area to help bring forward a series of multi million pound regeneration projects over the coming years. Clarion Housing have recently started work on a their element of the wider regeneration project for their properties centred around Savage Road.

Clarion Housing Regeneration Project 

An affordable housing development scheme identified in the adopted Joint Local Plan – the Clarion development will regenerate a large area of Barne Barton by demolishing 228 properties (2 bed flats) to construct a wide range of 204 new high quality homes (flats and houses – including wheelchair housing and accessible dwellings) in their place. The new dwellings will be thermally efficient  - helping to reduce fuel poverty for residents, and will also include opportunities for affordable homeownership.

Planning permission has been granted and the first demolition phase recently completed (taking down 25 blocks of flats containing 150 properties). Clarion aim to award the construction contract very soon and development work is due to begin in December 2021. Clarion are also working with Building Plymouth to focus on making the most of local employment and apprentice/training opportunities - adding social value for the people of  Plymouth and its economy. It is hoped that the first of the new dwellings will be completed in 2022.

Community consultation has been at the heart of the new designs for regeneration – where residents have shaped and supported the proposals to include a wider range of larger houses and accessible flats (to meet a better range of housing needs). The key aim of the regeneration is to provide a high quality place to live and many of the residents want to move back into the new scheme.  In particular:

Clarion are providing wheelchair housing and accessible dwellings to serve needs of this community and Plymouth.

The scheme will provide opportunities for local residents to buy into Affordable Home Ownership options in this high quality development.

The plans aim to achieve net biodiversity improvements and access to green spaces to help encourage healthier communities. The site also adjoins Blackies Wood, which is recognised as a ‘Plymouth Biodiversity Network Site’.

Green infrastructure is a key component of the approach to place-making for Barne Barton. This has already been recognized by an Urban Design and Masterplanning Award from the Landscape Institute.

New estate designs have improved play areas and amenity spaces to make the most of fabulous river views of the Tamar Estuary which is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and a Special Area for Conservation (SAC).

Central Square - Barne Barton

Land at Poole Park Road, Barne Barton, Plymouth, Central Square

January 2020 - CliftonEmerydesign

Wilkinson Road - Barne Barton

Land at Poole Park Road, Barne Barton, Plymouth, Wilkinson Road

January 2020 - CliftonEmerydesign

Sanctuary Housing Regeneration Project

Having recently acquired the freehold ownership of Talbot Gardens, Sanctuary Housing have undertaken community consultation and submitted a planning application for the redevelopment of the Talbot Gardens housing estate. Sanctuary Housing are hoping (subject to the Planning decision) that the redevelopment of the Talbot Gardens area will expand and complement the regeneration of the adjacent Clarion housing scheme.

Plymouth City Council has committed staff resources to help support and shape this important regeneration work.

The Barne Barton regeneration is a significant boost to the Plymouth economy – at a time of unprecedented challenge due to the impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic. The Housing Delivery team is working closely with its Housing Association partners to keep these development projects/proposals on track – not only to provide the much needed replacement high quality housing – but also because these large scale construction projects provide vital employment and training opportunities for local residents. Large scale housebuilding projects employ staff directly on site and in the many associated industries such as surveying, architecture, demolition contractors, landscapers, play equipment providers to name a few.  

The cost of the Clarion Housing’s project is estimated to be around £38million and the Sanctuary project proposals (subject to planning approval) are estimated to cost £30million. Using these estimates of regeneration development at Barne Barton worth £68 million in total – this would create 1,360 person-years of construction employment. Assuming the two projects will take about 5 years to deliver both regeneration projects, they are predicted to create or safeguard nearly 300 jobs over the 5 years. The regeneration of Barne Barton will therefore  be a massive boost for Plymouth residents and businesses.

North Prospect Regeneration

The North Prospect regeneration project is led by Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) and supported by Plymouth City Council (PCC). It has been underway for over 10 years since the transfer of the Council’s social housing stock to PCH in November 2009.

The overall regeneration project will result in the demolition of around 750 properties that were beyond economic repair and the completion of over 1100 new high quality homes for social/affordable rent, shared ownership and outright sale.

The North Prospect neighbourhood has already benefitted from a new large community hub facility known as the Beacon, which houses a new library, shops, offices and children’s day care services. The main park in the locality at Cookworthy Green has been enlarged and improved and now provides a quality and well managed green space, which is well used by local residents and their families.

Artist Impression of the last phase of development at North Prospect

At the beginning of 2021 all 143 units in the second to last phase between Briardale, Foliot and Cookworthy Road were on track to be completed by late Spring 2022. This will take the overall number of completed units in the North Prospect Regeneration project to just above 900.

The below video shows time lapse footage of this second to last phase of the regeneration between March 2019 to March 2021 as taken by Plymouth Community Homes.

A further 196 units are scheduled to complete in the last phase of the regeneration between Dingle Road and Laurel Road, which was taking shape in early 2021: Demolitions were complete and the groundworks for infrastructure and houses were ongoing.

The first show homes for this final phase of the regeneration are set to open in May/June 2021.

Drone footage of the cleared area of the last phase of the regeneration in November 2020 (Image by Red Air Drone)

The overall regeneration is envisaged to be completed in 2025.

Socio-economic benefits of the regeneration programme have however been visible since as early as 2013/14 with significant improvements in key indicators such as crime rate, anti-social behaviour and levels of worklessness amongst others.

By the end of the redevelopment process, PCC will have supported the public infrastructure development in the North Prospect Regeneration area with around £2.2M direct funding support and also helped to secure a further £2.3M central government funding support towards the scheme.


Our Millbay and Stonehouse Area Action Plan aims to develop Millbay and Stonehouse as an attractive mixed-use neighbourhood that maximises its rich heritage.

The Homes and Communities Agency has co-ordinated the regeneration of the land it owns around the main dock area which is set out in this plan. Planning permission was granted for 1,232 residential dwellings in 2006 and a further 600 residential dwellings in the revised plan in 2014.

Currently four phases of high quality residential homes have been delivered (with a proportion being affordable homes). This includes a mixture of flats, town houses and maisonettes to encourage a new community to settle in the area and enjoy waterfront living.

Sites completed so far:

The remaining residential development phases will deliver up to 393 new units which includes 137 dwellings by the Quadrant Quay A2 plot (ECF Mews) and 70 dwellings for a new extra care scheme (Abbeyfield). Work on these sites is expected to start late 2016.

Millbay and Stonehouse have also benefitted from investment which established a new marina with a restaurant and further investment will see:

  • A boulevard linking the Millbay area to the town centre
  • A hotel
  • A possible water taxi service/leisure uses linked to the waterfront
  • Retail and commercial units
  • Improved parking facilities