Housing regeneration

Housing regeneration is an essential part of our plans for housing and we're focussing our efforts on the following areas:


Our Devonport Area Action Plan aims to regenerate Devonport by demolishing 565 properties (mainly flats) and constructing more than 1100 new homes in their place and on new sites released by the MoD. The demolition phase is completed and more than 800 new homes have been built by housing associations and private sector developers, with the support of grant funding from the Homes and Communities Agency.

Developments still to be completed:

Devonport has also benefitted from around £50m of Government investment (between 2001 and 2011) which helped:

  • improve Devonport Park
  • bring Devonport Guildhall back into use as a centre for social enterprise
  • refurbish St Aubyns Church as a library and place of worship

North Prospect

The North Prospect Spatial Strategy developed in partnership with Plymouth Community Homes aims to regenerate North Prospect by demolishing around 750 properties and constructing 1100 new mixed tenure homes. Plymouth Community Homes have also repaired and refurbished 300 homes.

Barratt Homes have completed phase 1 of the development and are on site building phase 2 which amounts to nearly 600 new homes. Kier Living have begun work on phase 3 which will add a further 159 homes and it's expected phases 4 and 5 will follow, completing the regeneration by around 2020/2021.

North Prospect has also benefitted from a new community hub building known as the 'Beacon' on North Prospect Road. Facilities include a new library, café, office space, nursery/children's day care centre as well as 39 flats for the over 55s. Developers will also be contributing by making significant improvements to Cookworthy Green.


Our Millbay and Stonehouse Area Action Plan aims to develop Millbay and Stonehouse as an attractive mixed-use neighbourhood that maximises its rich heritage.

The Homes and Communities Agency has co-ordinated the regeneration of the land it owns around the main dock area which is set out in this plan. Planning permission was granted for 1,232 residential dwellings in 2006 and a further 600 residential dwellings in the revised plan in 2014.

Currently four phases of high quality residential homes have been delivered (with a proportion being affordable homes). This includes a mixture of flats, town houses and maisonettes to encourage a new community to settle in the area and enjoy waterfront living.

Sites completed so far:

The remaining residential development phases will deliver up to 393 new units which includes 137 dwellings by the Quadrant Quay A2 plot (ECF Mews) and 70 dwellings for a new extra care scheme (Abbeyfield). Work on these sites is expected to start late 2016.

Millbay and Stonehouse have also benefitted from investment which established a new marina with a restaurant and further investment will see:

  • A boulevard linking the Millbay area to the town centre
  • A hotel
  • A possible water taxi service/leisure uses linked to the waterfront
  • Retail and commercial units
  • Improved parking facilities