Your account, renew or reserve

Check your account, renew or reserve online

Our 247 Library allows you to check your library account, renew and reserve library items. 

You'll need your:

Check your account, renew or reserve an item

You can also renew by emailing

Renew by phone

Phone 01752 306603 and leave a message (have your library card ready).

Any items you've on loan can be renewed unless the item is required by another user or has been borrowed from a library outside Plymouth.

Reminders by email 

We can now send you a reminder email three days before your items are due back. This will give you the full details of all the items that are due as well as a quick link to renew them, for which you will need a PIN.

If you would like to sign up for a reminder email all you need to do is let us know and make sure that we have your current email address.

You can do this in any library or email us your library card number and we can set it up for you. 

Reserving items

You can reserve items that we have in Plymouth and we'll send it to your local library for you to collect. If we don't have copies our request service will try and find it for you.