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Licensing complaints

Noise - You can report a noise problem about a licensed premises on our noise page

Taxis - You can make a taxi complaint on our taxi complaints page

What type of licences do the Council deal with?

The Licensing Department licence a number of premises including:

  • Alcohol licences
  • Gambling Act premises
  • Sexual Establishments
  • Explosives/Firework licences
  • Pet Shops
  • Animal Boarding Establishments
  • Tattooists
  • Body piercing and semi-permanent skin colouring (including micro-blading)

 These premises have to comply with licence conditions or byelaws.   

Do you have a list of these licences?

A list of licensed premises can be seen on our online register.

Premises which are licensed under the Licensing Act list details of the current designated premises supervisor, all hours of operation and any conditions that are attached to their licence. 

Information we need to investigate your complaint

In order for us to investigate your compliant we will need:

  • Your name and address and a daytime telephone number
  • The name and address of the licensed premises
  • Details of the complaint - please provide as much detail as possible

If I make a complaint are my details kept confidential?

Our policy is to keep the personal information that we have about you confidential, such as your name and address. 

If a case goes to Court you may be required to give evidence.  However, many cases are resolved informally before legal action is taken.