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Modern slavery

Modern slavery takes many forms including:

  • Forced labour; victims are forced to work against their will, often working very long hours for little or no pay in dire conditions under verbal or physical threats of violence.
  • Debt bondage; victims are forced to work to pay off debts that realistically they never will be able to.
  • Sexual exploitation; victims are forced to perform non-consensual or abusive sexual acts against their will, such as prostitution, escort work and pornography. Adults are coerced often under the threat of force, or another penalty.
  • Criminal exploitation; often controlled and maltreated, victims are forced into crimes such as cannabis cultivation or pick pocketing against their will.
  • Domestic servitude; victims are forced to carry out housework and domestic chores in private households with little or no pay, restricted movement, very limited or no free time and minimal privacy often sleeping where they work.
  • Child trafficking; young people (under 18) are moved internationally or domestically so they can be exploited.
  • Organ Harvesting; where persons are trafficked in order to sell their body parts and organs for transplants – includes eggs, kidneys and eyes.

It's more common than you think and can happen anywhere. We're working with our partners on stopping modern slavery and people trafficking. Get advice from Devon and Cornwall Police on what to do if you think someone's a victim of modern slavery where you work or live.