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Report anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is any behaviour causing harassment, alarm or distress to a member of the public and includes:

  • noisy or inconsiderate neighbours
  • aggressive behaviour, verbal abuse, aggressive dogs, hoax calls
  • vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting
  • street drinking or drug misuse
  • environmental damage including littering, dumping rubbish or abandoning cars
  • prostitution related activity
  • begging and vagrancy
  • fireworks misuse
  • inconsiderate or inappropriate use of vehicles (excludes parking)

If you're a housing association tenant please contact them about an anti-social behaviour problem where you live.

The information you provide by reporting anti-social behaviour will be used to investigate the issues you are reporting. Please take your time in the completion of this and include as much detail as possible to help us build our understanding into the issues you are describing. This includes where possible the location, the type of behaviour observed and those involved. 

In undertaking our investigation and to instigate measures to resolve them, we may share some of your information within Plymouth City Council Departments or with other key partners such as the Police or NHS.

Reports are considered Monday to Friday. Whilst issues may take longer than 10 working days to resolve we intend on letting you know how we are getting on with our investigation within this period.

Please do not use this form to report a noise nuisance. Please follow this link which will take you to the correct page for Noise issues