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Neighbourhood planning

Across Plymouth, local communities are working on projects and plans to improve their area. The Council is keen to support these groups wherever possible by ensuring groups understand what is available to them.

Below is a list of different initiatives available to local communities:

  • Neighbourhood Forums are organisations that need to be established in order for communities to access certain powers such as establishing a neighbourhood planning area or writing a Neighbourhood Plan/Development Order

  • A Neighbourhood Plan is written by a group of people in a local area (known as a Neighbourhood Forum). It is a plan focussed on land use within a particular neighbourhood area.

  • Neighbourhood Development Orders are for when a community would like to grant planning permission for a particular type of development in a particular area

  • A Community Right to Build Order is a type of Neighbourhood Development Order, which can grant planning permission for small scale community-led developments

  • The Localism Act requires local authorities to maintain a list of Assets of Community Value which have been nominated by the local community

  • Community Asset Transfer is about giving local people and community groups greater control in the future of their area in line with promoting our co-operative agenda

  • Information on planning in your neighbourhood

  • The City Change Fund is about supporting local projects for local people, it's a pioneering project in which we have chosen to distribute some of the city's Community Infrastructure Levy money to support local projects through a partnership with Crowdfunder.