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General Election today

We know that everyone is keen to have their say in the General Election on the 4 July. To help you plan ahead, see below for our top FAQs.

How do I know if I am registered to vote?  

Polling cards are being sent out in batches. If you haven’t received yours by Wednesday 26 June you can call: 01752 304866 or email: to check you are registered. Unfortunately, the deadline to register to vote has now passed, so if you have not registered for your present address, you will be unable to.  

Check with the Council responsible for your previous address to see if you are still registered for that address and eligible to vote at the polling station for that address on 4 July. 

Do I need a polling card to vote?  

No. If you are registered, the only thing you need to remember to take to your polling station is your eligible photo ID.  

I haven’t received my postal vote – what should I do?  

Postal votes are sent out in batches. If you haven’t received yours by Wednesday 26 June please call:  01752 304866 or email:  

How can I see who the candidates are?  

For a list of all the candidates in your constituency, enter your postcode here. 

I am registered at two addresses – can I vote at both?  

Some people, e.g. students, are able to register to vote at two addresses. However, please remember you can only vote once. You must choose where you want to cast your ballot. Voting more than once is a criminal offence.  

Where is my polling station?  

As long as you are registered to vote, you can find your polling station by using this online checker.  

What ID should I take to the polling station?  

Whilst you do not need to take your polling card, you will need to take eligible photo ID. There is a long list of ID that will be accepted. This includes a UK passport, drivers licence, bus pass or blue badge. See the full list here. Unfortunately, at this time, student ID or a veterans ID are not eligible.  

My name on the register and my photo id are different 

If you have a document showing the connection between the two names (e.g. marriage certificate or change of name deed) take a copy with you. 

What happens if I don’t take eligible photo ID to the polling station?  

Anyone arriving at the polling station without a form of accepted ID will be unable to vote and will have until 10pm to return with eligible ID. Unfortunately, no eligible photo ID – no vote.  

I have lost my photo ID – what do I do?  

Unfortunately, the deadline to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate has now passed. If you have older ID that has expired, it may still be possible to use it, provided it remains a likeness of the individual voting.   

When is the latest I can post my postal vote?  

Ideally you will complete your postal vote and return it as per the instructions as soon as possible. Remember, all postal votes need to be with the Council before 10pm on the 4 July. If you forget or leave it too late to post – you can drop off your postal vote at your local polling station.  

Can I take a selfie at the polling station?  

You are not allowed to take a selfie inside the polling station building.  

Who are the people outside the polling station?  

Tellers are volunteers for the candidates who wait outside polling stations to get an idea of how many people have remembered to vote. A teller can ask you if you voted and may ask for your electoral number. You don’t have to answer any of their questions and they must remain polite and not push you for an answer. If you want to talk to them, fine. If not, you can just smile and walk away.