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Our commitment to equality and diversity

We are committed to tackling unfair discrimination on the grounds of:

  • Age
  • Faith, religion and belief
  • Disablility
  • Sex
  • Gender reassignment
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Marriage and civil partnership
  • Race
  • Sexual orientation

Under the Equality Act it is unlawful to discriminate, harass or victimise someone because they have or are perceived to have one of the 9 protected characteristics protected under the Equality Act or they are associated with someone who has a protected characteristic.

The characteristic of care experience is not currently protected under the Equality Act. However, Plymouth City Council has committed to treating care experience a protected characteristic recognising the additional barriers that people who have experienced the care system may face.

Plymouth City Council is an equal opportunities employer. All applicants will be considered for employment regardless of age, care experience, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion/belief, sex or sexual orientation.     

As part of our commitment to promoting equality we offer guaranteed interviews to those who meet the essential criteria and are considered disabled, care experienced or are an Armed Forces Service Leaver within the last two years.

As a Council we are committed to:

  • Eliminate discrimination and tackle prejudice
  • Advance equality of opportunity
  • Foster good relations and promote understanding
  • Meet the needs of people within the protected characteristics
  • Encourage participation in public life/activities

The general equality duty is supported by specific duties which require us to publish data which is reviewed annually. We pledge to meet both our specific and general duties in this Act.

We are required to set equality objectives every four years as part of our Public Sector Equality Duty.