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Post 16 and Post 19 transport

Students aged 16 to 18 (Post 16)

We may be able to help students with school transport if they are over school leaving age and are:

  • studying a further education course
  • attending a full time course for at least 450 hours per academic year over three terms (approximately 12 hours per week)
  • have a special educational need or other medical condition which would prevent them walking or travelling on public transport.
  • Aged 16 to 18 or were under the age of 19 at the start of the academic year or the course before they were aged 19

The student will need to attend the nearest school or college that offers the course you have chosen to study.


If the student is eligible for help with transport, and you don’t provide your own transport, you will need to pay 10 instalments of £61.33 by Direct Debit. If you can pay the full amount in one payment, the total cost is discounted to £551.97.

You may be able to apply for a 16 to 19 Bursary Fund to help with the costs.

If you are eligible for help with transport but provide your own transport you can claim for petrol allowance.

Students aged 19 to 25 (Post 19)

We may be able to provide help with transport for students aged 19 to 25 with a maintained Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

To be eligible the student must be attending either:

  • a further education setting
  • a setting maintained or assisted by the council and providing further or higher education (or both)
  • a setting outside the further and higher education sectors, where the Plymouth City Council has secured education or training and boarding accommodation for that learner

The setting’s provision must be an essential requirement to fulfil the learning outcomes identified in the student’s EHCP. The student must be unable to walk or use public transport independently due to their disability and/or learning difficulty.

They will need to attend the nearest school or college that offers the course chosen to study.

Apply for help with transport

The student needs to live in Plymouth to apply. If they live outside of Plymouth, you will need to apply through your local council.

Additional information

City College Plymouth offers a bus service to and from the city centre to the college. Contact the college for more details and a bus timetable.

Plymouth College of Art offer some assistance with travel costs, contact the college for more details.

For further information and our full eligibility criteria, read our:

Post 16 transport policy

Post 19 transport policy

Petrol allowance


If your transport application has been refused, you can appeal the decision.

Contact the SEND School Transport Team


Telephone: 01752 308770 7.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday